We are one of a few Malaysian companies that offer and supply a wide range of products and components for the Oil & Gas, Power, Water and Infrastructure industries.

Our main products are valves, actuators, isolation joints, systems for the measurement, regulation of fluids and gas and firefighting systems. We offer renowned brands such as VALVITALIA, VITAS, BROADY FLOW CONTROL, DELTA VE, SILVANI, EUSEBI and NUOVA GIUNGAS.

Our knowledge and experience over the years have allowed us to continuously provide practical solutions with integrated approach to meet our customer’s operational requirements. Our aim is to be a leading contractor, supplier and all round service center for service, testing, repair and maintenance.

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Our Products

We supply equipment and components for the Petroleum, Petrochemical, Natural
Gas, Power and Water Industries. We specialize in Valves, Actuators, Fire Fighting systems, Regulations of Fluids & Gas Isolation Joints and systems for Measurement.

Our Services

We are an Integrated Service Provider, offering service total solutions. We offer full scale after sales support, on-site integrated management services, preservation of equipment, site acceptance testing, general service, repair and maintenance. Our technicians and engineers are qualified to operate onshore and offshore, operates in different environment and conditions.

Why Choose Usx


Experienced Team

We have a team of resources with many years of experience in the field of valves, actuators and other components in our product portfolio. 


Broad Range of Products

CENDANA offers a broad range of products and components thus eliminate the hassle of having to deal with many suppliers and warranty issues. 


Integrated Solutions

We offer a whole spectrum of services, a complete and integrated solutions to meet our partners and customer operational solutions.


We believe in continuous partnering with our stakeholders and we take great pride in our Customers’ success.